Puttenham Golf Club

Puttenham Golf Club has been a fixture of our village since 1894 but some residents may not be aware of the existence of the village club that is an integral part of Puttenham Golf Club. Up to a maximum of 30 residents (Male, Female and Juniors) of the parishes of Puttenham and Wanborough are entitled to join Puttenham Golf Club as village members; we enjoy full member privileges, with no discernable restrictions, and at membership fees that are at a discount to that which are paid by main club members.

As well as participating individually in the normal competitions that all golf clubs run, each year the village club plays on average 6 to 8 matches against other clubs and societies fielding 4 to 5 teams of two players. Once a year we run a President’s Prize for village members followed by Dinner at the Club House. Our annual Christmas Dinner is generally well attended with many guests coming from the non golfing community within Puttenham and Wanborough.

We do have membership available and should anyone from Puttenham and Wanborough be interested in Joining please contact our Club Secretary, Anthony Yates.

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