Puttenham and Wanborough History Society


Puttenham and Wanborough History Society was formed in 1967 by a group of local people. At their first meeting on 7th July 1967 Jock Vevers proposed that the objectives of the Society should be “To promote and encourage the study, the preservation and the recording of the past and present history of the parishes of Puttenham and Wanborough.”

The Society grew, meetings and exhibitions were held in the Marwick Hall, Puttenham and outings were arranged. The society regularly published papers on local research and in 1972 Ruth Dugmore’s book ‘Puttenham under the Hog’s Back’ was published. Residents of the two villages began a collection of documents, photographs and pictures, which quickly grew, and were stored for several years in the village school.

Books by members of the society include Gillian Drew’s Wanborough, and Patrick Yarnold’s ‘Wanborough Manor – School for Secret Agents’ published (2009). Margaret Saunders used material from the archives in ‘Puttenham and Wanborough. The Past in Pictures’ (2000).

History Society 2021-22 Programme

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