The Friends of Puttenham Church

The Friends of Puttenham Church

Charity Commission no. 1114720



The building we see at the top of the hill, Puttenham Church, is the image we recognise and recall of Puttenham village. Since the 12th century, thus for 900 years, it has been a major element, perhaps the major element, of the village’s identity. But it is also a working building, which from time to time needs significant alteration or improvement to help or extend the way it can be used in the 21st century. Enabling this to take place now preserves the heritage we have been bequeathed, just as in the past others preserved it for us to enjoy now.

The Friends of Puttenham Church (FOPC for short) is an independent secular charity, set up in 2006 and recognised by the Charity Commission. It seeks to preserve the heritage of the church building and support its adaptation to the needs of modern life. In doing this it naturally works with the local ecclesiastical parish, but is fully independent of it. FOPC is concerned with only this one ancient building in Puttenham village.

FOPC’s funds come from members’ annual subscriptions, donations and fundraising events. Gift Aid can be reclaimed on subscriptions and donations by eligible subscribers and donors.

If you would like to participate in helping to make this part of Puttenham’s heritage available to present and future generations, please contact John Hewitson (01483 810431 – ) for further information on FOPC activities and membership arrangements.

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