Stewardship Sunday

Stewardship Sunday

This Sunday is when we thank you for the three Ts – Time, Talent and Tithes – as without these the church could not exist.

Running the Church is a voluntary activity requiring people to give up their Time, utilise their Talents – flower arranging, singing, bell ringing etc and pay their “Tithes”, originally the Tithes were one tenth of a person’s income (not necessarily money) which were paid to the Rector; in modern times Tithes were stopped and the Rector was paid by voluntary contributions from the congregation.

This changed in the late 1900s when the Rector was paid by the diocese from money raised through the Parish Share, initially the Parishes paid a proportion of their Ministry cost the rest being part of the shared costs, however following a change in 2008 the parishes were charged for the whole of their ministry costs but the shared costs did not go down!

Today we rely totally on voluntary contributions for running the Parish and even though we have no Rector we still have to pay the ministry costs; in 2016 our expenditure averaged at  £9,000 per month and we received an average of £8,500 per month for which we are most grateful; however this leads to a deficit of about £6,000 per annum which has to be met from our dwindling reserves of £23,000.

At this rate the reserves will have become exhausted in three or four years and we may have to start closing the churches, we do not want this to happen. The parish giving scheme which we joined in 2015 provides for a small uplift in donations based on the increase in the RPI, unfortunately this is not sufficient to cover our deficit so we ask you to consider increasing the amount you give.

Once again we thank you for all the help you give to keep our churches open and provide a warm and friendly welcome to all who visit.

Mike Randell

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