Journey of the Grumpy People – tales from Exodus

From the 27th August to 24th September the Sunday morning church service talks will use a series of readings from the bible book of Exodus.

Iconic readings follow the life of Moses (the baby in the bull rushes), the burning bush and the crossing of the red sea. We will be linking these readings to “What it means to be God’s holy people in the 21st century?” Each week has a contemporary Transforming Church, Transforming Lives sub-theme.

27th August ¦ Oppression/Birth of Moses ¦Broken World?
3rd September ¦Moses Burning Bush¦ Who me? ‘Here I am’
10th September ¦ Passover ¦ 21st century spirituality?
17th September ¦ Crossing of the Red Sea¦ Living in obedience
24th September ¦ Manna and Quail¦ Living together in faith

The Israelite people weren’t always happy with their situation as they travelled from Egypt to the promised land so we have called the series “Journey of the Grumpy people”.
We hope you enjoy these classic bible stories which will provide insight into our 21st century spiritual journeys.

Simply come along to church on one of these Sunday mornings.

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